Talent’s fabrics

The company was founded in 2008 by Ciro Saviano, who carried with him a deep international and technical experience in textile;

It was aimed from the very beginning to become an innovative converter format which can easily overcome the concept of the traditional textile mill to position itself as a laboratory of style and productive creativity to meet the needs of a very dynamic and constantly changing market. Saviano Creations is a vertical converter which produces fashion fabrics for clothing with global outsourcing of raw materials while all processes of finishing are made entirely in Italy with a careful focus on sustainability.

The company has his production main quarter in Nola (Naples) for printing process, several offices in Asia, and partnerships with leading production sites in Europe, thus allowing to comply perfectly and quickly all quality standards and allowing the company to produce full total look collections of fabrics of all kinds, per- fectly coordinated to make the company unique and highly appreciated by both top fast fashion brands and brands that produce on a planned/programmed schedule.”

Looking forward to Future

In last years, the company has implemented sophisticated quality control systems and is increasingly focusing on green processes initiatives and on sustainability.

Ciro Saviano

president & founder

It was the sense of Beauty which made me free and fueled me with a constant Desire of Life.

I’ve always firmly believed that Nature and the all things around us are a concentrated source of Beauty. I am an Aesthete, a slave to Details, Colors, and Shapes. The harmony that some visions express is always a great source of inspiration for me. Often, my Drawings and Fabric’s Creations arise from imaginary visions, but often, they also come from observing real nature: a sunrise or a sunset by the sea can generate more colors than an entire Pantone and more designs than a digital archive.

When I create Fabrics, I am in emotion mood. Most of the time, I don’t even consider it a job, but a Need, almost an essential Need to express myself.

I rode the era of globalization, but I was fortunate to start earlier, when fabric was perceived by industry professionals and consumers as the key to the success of a garment; and I’m not necessarily talking about fiber compositions here, but rather the pursuit of color matching and fabric’s handfeel: this is what makes a difference in both the visual and functional aspects of a garment, and achieving these goals has always been my main goal, almost like a magnificent Obsession. In fact, I believe that the most gratifying thing I have ever heard from my clients over the years is: “We recognized your fabric by its Color and Handfeel.

I hope the values of this handmaking skills and passion will increasingly guide the new generations in a pursuit of beauty. Because while Fashion can sometimes represent the superfluous and the temporary, Beauty is necessary, lasting, and therapeutic, and I do believe it will “save the world.